Tokushima - Kashima Antlers

Asian Handicap
Pick: Kashima -0.5
Odds: 2.04
Stake: 1

Match date: 17/04/2021

This tip may be strange judging by the form of these two sides. Tokushima Vortis are on high after winning 3 from the last 4 games and they played a really good football even when they lost. On the other hand, Kashima Antlers started the season badly despite the expectations were high. This lead to the sacking of Brazilian coach Zago. To be honest with you I expected this because the team didn't provide the required level despite the quality being there. I think replacing the coach is a good call by Kashima's board and I expect Antlers to improve in the coming period.

This game with Tokushima can be a starting point. As I've said before Vortis are good at the moment, but is still a difference of quality between these two teams. Another reason to pick Kashima here is that Tokushima played a lot recently and they may feel a little bit of tiredness. Indeed, they changed players every round, but in the past 3 games their star attacking player Taisei Miyashiro started and his stamina level may be affected by this. 

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +1.04
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