Terrassa - Valencia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Terrassa +2.5
Odds: 1.62
Stake: 1

Match date: 16/12/2020


Spain cup

Terrasa has a very good team despiting they play in Tercera. They have players for higher tiers, like Josu , Peregrin , Lucas or Jaume . 

They have lost only 3 games in the whole of 2020 and only one has been at home. They use old synthetic grass, which will be a handicap for Valencia

 The visitors are having hard times in La Liga with their conflictive president Peter Lim, even there are rumors they want to throw away the cup, after the old coach, Marcelino, said recently that someone in the club said him to lose in the first rounds. 

They leave many players at home because they play vs Barcelona next Saturday, more the numbers of injuries they have, so the XI will be mediocre :

Cristian Rivero; Thierry Correia, Mangala, Diakhaby, Jesús Vázquez; Jason, Koba, Esquerdo, Cheryshev; Manu Vallejo and Sobrino.

IMO this squad isn't enough to beat this Terrassa by 3+ goals. 

WIN Score: 2:2 Profit: +0.62
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  • 1
    Maradona 17/12/2020 12:38:22
    Hey...thanks for this bet, i also grabbed 1X