Termalica B-B. - Stal Mielec

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Odds: 1.69
Stake: 1

Match date: 23/07/2021

The Ekstraklasa 2021/22 championship begins this afternoon, where with the change of the championship the major series returns to eighteen teams after many years, and relegations go from two to three, round trip without play-off / out. The first match scheduled in a derby between Termalica and Stal Mielec, where the hosts finally reached the promotion goal after two seasons and this took several changes on the bench until Lewandowski was the ideal one, and it was rightly reconfirmed. I would like to remember that the president of Termalica is a great fan of his team and it is thanks to him that I am now here because despite the relegation he has not undermined the team but has kept almost all the players with very high salaries for the 1liga. Termalica is now a team that plays by heart and that with Lewandowski has become very cynical and concrete, behind it gives almost nothing and in front if it has the opportunity it throws it in. In the market, only one starter was sold, the midfielder Jovanovic, while five very important players and some young players from 1liga arrived, so we can say that Termalica has a team that can do very well also in Ekstraklasa. The opponent is Stal Mielec who saved himself in the last few days at the end of the season thanks to the formula that allowed only a relegation. A few weeks ago they exonerated the technician in surprise and in the market there were little exchanges but nothing more so that the same team of last season remains, the one that concedes a lot in the back and little concretizes in front. Clearly playing away has the advantage of being able to play in a throw-in and on this the Termalica must be very careful, but since they make me play the draw no bet I think it is an excellent play. Unfortunately the share dropped a lot last night and it was very nice at the opening.

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