Switzerland - Spain

Under / Over
Pick: Under 2.5
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 02/07/2021

Euro 2020 - first quarterfinal game

Venue: Gazprom Arena, Saint Petersburg in Russia

Turf: Natural.

Switzerland and Spain will face each other in a game that will give us the first semifinalist of the EURO 2020. 

Luis Enrique's squad definitely is a favourite, from valid reason I would say after they have scored even ten goals over last two games. But we must say that both teams are looking much better now than early on the tournament. So not just Spain but also the Swiss team has managed to raise its form and after skinny one point in the first two rounds and only one scored goal, they have managed to score six goals in the next two games. Firstly they have defeated on this occasion weak Turkish team, 3:1 when being on the verge of elimination and then also scored three against world champions - France in R16 and later after penalty roulette has qualified for the last 8. 

Still now I expect much more difficult game for Vladimir Petkovic's team. France although was top favourite, had many problems in defense after both left-backs got injured against Portugal. And then Adrien Rabiot has finished the game against Portugal and also has started against Switzerland although that's not his position.  

I was pointing out on the French defense in that preview but still took them in simple 1x2 option counting that French mighty attack will take the job done. In some hand it did but that was enough only for 3:3. 

In any case, Spain had chance much to learn from France who has allowed two very late goals to Switzerland. But also, Spain could learn from its own mistakes cause they also were 3:1 up against Croatia and exactly on the same way allowed two late goals and exactly the same the equaliser came deep in the injury time, only seconds before final whistle. 

I'm very positive Spain will qualify especially after 

Granit Xhaka being suspended for this game due to pair of yellow cards. But another Extra Time is surely possible. This tournament once again confirmed how much betting draws is profitable, especially in the knockout stage. Even 4/8 R16 matches were tied at the end of regular 90 minutes and if you blindly went for draw each time, you would made huge profit in the previous round cause in most of those games the draw was paying around 4.00. 

Specifically for this game, I'm predicting either narrow Spanish win of 1:0, either 1:1 draw and Spain only later taking the job done.

In any case, after both of these two teams were involved in unbelievable drama in R16, hardly this match now could be similar in terms of goals. 

I expect a low scoring affair.  

0:1 or 1:1.

WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.9
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    Maradona 01/07/2021 20:26:51
    Please correct here the game date to 2nd instead of 1st July. Thanks.

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