Switzerland - Croatia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Switzerland (AH0)
Odds: 1.77
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/10/2020
»Soccer» World »Friendly International» Switzerland - Croatia

The AH line has great value, every odds above 1.70 has value.

The main reason for this investment;

In this match, the Croatian coach Dalic announced that he will rest key players and that he will give a chance to players who played less.
Statement of the selector Dalic;
"There is little time, and a lot of games, not all players will be able to stand it and that is why the list is a bit wider. My goal is to give players who have played less so far and who have not always been in the national team. We want to see them, which means that we will play against the Swiss with a team that will be quite mixed.Of course the League of Nations is important to us, we want to stay in the elite group and we must focus all our efforts on the matches against Sweden and France in Zagreb.These are two important matches, we will give do our best to beat at least one to stay in the elite group. "

What answers would you like to get in this context when meeting the Swiss?

"We want to see players who have not been often in the national team, but play well in their clubs. They all deserve an invitation and now have the opportunity to impose themselves and show that we can count on them in the near future. My rule is already known. it comes in and out of it, but, given the circumstances in which there are frequent absences of players, we have to find certain solutions. We said we are preparing the team for the European Championship and this is an opportunity to see some new faces. "
- H2H: out of three games, Switzerland has one victory while two matches ended i a draw."
LOST Score: 1:2 Profit: -1
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