Swit - Grodzisk M.

Asian Handicap
Pick: over 2.75
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 16/06/2021

This game for the ranking does not count for anything because the guests won the championship in the last round and consequently were promoted to 2 league. But the coach, seeing that he faces the second-ranked team in which he has fought all season today, declared that they will play for the prestige of the game and to win.

Precisely for this reason, since there are no points to be won, both teams will play openly trying to overcome each other and given the characteristics of the two teams that play very offensive football I am sure that we will see many goals because neither of them must not defend anything but both are looking for a prestigious victory. There are no disqualified players in the two teams and neither of them will pull their foot back and I also think that the guests will also win this match but I think the only certainty will be the goals in this match.

HALF WIN Score: 2:1 Profit: +0.45
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