Sweden - Poland

Asian Handicap
Pick: away 0
Odds: 1.85
Stake: 1

Match date: 23/06/2021

In the first game Paulo Sousa faced Slovakia playing with a single striker and lost the game in my opinion for not daring more against a Slovakia who played that game on the defensive first taking advantage of a mistake by the right back and the expulsion in half second half when everything suggested that after the draw at the beginning of the second half Poland would have won this match but it did not happen. Against Spain when Poland needed at least a point in order not to be eliminated, then Paulo Sousa decided to deploy the two strikers and in the end he was rewarded because that draw still keeps Poland in the running for qualification, Poland that only winning against Sweden has a chance to qualify. It will not be easy because the Swedes are very difficult to overcome, but unlike the Poles they are a more physical and less technical team and in the first half against the Slovaks we saw how their best technique suffered. I think that Poland has now gained courage after these two games and have a chance to win this game because technically they are stronger than the Swedes, but they must not make defensive mistakes as they did in the first game.

LOST Score: 3:2 Profit: -1
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