Stomil Olsztyn - Tychy

Asian Handicap
Pick: Tychy -0.25
Odds: 2.03
Stake: 1

Match date: 27/02/2021

Tychy who won 0-3 at Lks Lodz last Saturday, well deserving the victory, it was not easy and it was against the odds to win in Lodz. If we think that Lks Lodz has put Legia Warsaw in difficulty a few weeks ago in the national cup where Lks Lodz has recovered the disadvantage twice. It should also be considered that the team from Lodz is among the favorites to return to ekstraklasa but after this defeat several teams have returned to fight including Tychy who after an unhappy season just passed it seems that now it has found the right balance, it is a team who plays better away from home by being able to exploit the spaces. Stomil is a low-ranking team that every year must fight to save themselves. In the winter market Tychy has strengthened unlike Stomil. There are no disqualified players in either team.

WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +1.03
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    Moderator 23/02/2021 21:36:29
    Hey mate, welcome on board!
    Please check the updated rules here
    as we have a rule for posting tips - maximum 48h rule before the match KO, which we try to implement to be a habit and acceptable form of posting the tips at InsideSport. Nonetheless, let have those two tips active as they are debuting tips. It would be nice to have someone adding the Polish market to our community. Best of luck!

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