Standard W - Club Brugge W

Asian Handicap
Pick: Club Brugge +2.25
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 17/04/2021

Odds are wrong for me. Club Brugge lost maybe their last 5 games of the competition but in these games they had a lot of important players who where out. They played these games with youngster who has no experience. Today situation is much better. Nearly all players are available and we could see this already in the game against Leuven. They only lost with 0-1 but Club Brugge wasn’t that bad in that game. A draw was possible. Minnaert is their key player in front and she must be able today to score at least 1 goal here.

Standard isn’t the team that win their games with big numbers. They have a qualitative team but I don’t rate them much higher than Club Brugge. They even lost their first game in these play offs against Gent. This is a team thay play in their recent games with some ups and downs.

I can’t see Club Brugge here losing this game with more than 2 goals difference. Fair odds for Standard win should be around 1.45. Odds are now only 1.15. I go for Club Brugge +2.25. My prediction is 2-1 or 1-1.

HALF WIN Score: 3:1 Profit: +0.45
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    Yippee 17/04/2021 18:00:12
    We have some luck here. Minnaert and Vangheluwe weren't in the selection and this was not mentioned anywhere. In the article I read was only Laridon called as out (and 2 players who are not important) but she's already long time out. Standard dominated Brugge the whole game. Halftime was 3-0 and only in the 68th minute they had their first shot on goal. In the last minute we got our penalty and they scored. This goal came from nowhere but we have a half winner here