Spartak - Napredak

Asian Handicap
Pick: Spartak +1
Odds: 1.97
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/04/2021

There are a few fixing scandals in Serbia's 2nd tier these days, but this game comes from the top tier and the market is heavily hit - Spartak was a favorite and now they are about 7.00 at home vs relegation candidates - new suspicions are addressed to the authorities.

Those who follow odds in Serbia closely in the last seasons could often see the artificial odds manipulation which often gave those manipulators a good value on the counter side. However, there is match-fixing in the whole world, on the highest level and in the Champions League, but indeed, there are more sophisticated ways of masking it. Not every match is fixed because odds are dancing weirdly, I repeat and I stay behind my words, there is an "investing squad" that circulates in this area and does makes headaches for FA of Serbia (some of the people involved are also in FA)

Spartak Subotica has no chances of reaching the European positions that's trur, while Napredak needs to win to climb up the table. However, this doesn't mean Spartak will pull the pants down and allow penetration from visitors so easily. Especialy now when the whole country is focused on this game and the match between Zlatibor vs Rad. 

Spartak made an 8-3-4 record so far at home in 15 games, and they never in the season lost by two or more goals at home.

Napredak has a 3-3-9 record on the road, with 10 goals scored, two of their three wins come from the last three rounds... however, they never won on the road this season by two or more goals. 

No matter how the game end, the value is obvious on +1 and I did this a hundred times already. Don't think Spartak players will allow easy time for Napredak, and even if a deal between teams exists, 1 goal victory is enough - but even 1 point is not so bad for Napredak in these "CIRCUMSTANCES".

LOST Score: 0:2 Profit: -1
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