Spartak - Crvena Zvezda

Under / Over
Pick: 1HT over 1 goals
Odds: 1.55
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/02/2021

»Soccer» Serbia »Super League» Sp. Subotica - FC Red Star

Any odds above 1.40 on the HT over 1 goals line have value.

Basic elements of the investment:

- Spartak at home has a ratio: 64% Over 0.5 goals at halftime.

- Zvezda on away pitches has: Over 0.5 goals at halftime 91%

- H2H: The last four home games in the first half covered the line over 1.5 goals.

- For this match, Spartak has no problems with player absences.

- Statement of the Spartak coach before the match:

Vladimir Buac referred to the match of Zvezda in the Europa League, and then to today's match.

- We will not give up in advance or think that we have nothing to lose. On the contrary, we will enter the game with the intention of winning three points. Probably someone will characterize my statement as frivolous, because youth is a problem that we do not have continuity, but I am convinced that if we play the game at our best level, we could win. It is a great challenge, but also a great test.

- Statement of the coach of Zvezda Stanković before the match:

- Every next game is the most important, I have not had any problems with that principle for these years and I doubt I will now. Milan is archived, the next match is against Spartak, so then we will think about the Italians again. The story has already started that we will play against Milan due to yellow cards and injuries, but at this moment I am not thinking about that. The best team will come out on the field in Subotica, I'm not calculating at the moment, nor am I thinking about playing for Milan

Possible lineups:

SPARTAK: Dujmović, Dundjerski, Ivančević, Tekijaški, Milošević, Marčić, Šimura, Jovanović, Tufegdžić, Srećković, Furtula.

RED STAR: Borjan, Gajic, Pankov, Milunovic, Rodic, Petrovic, Falko, Kanga, Ivanic, Gavric, Falcinelli.

VOID Score: 1:2(1;0) Profit: 0
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