South Korea-Katar

Under / Over
Pick: Over 2
Odds: 1.66
Stake: 1

Match date: 17/11/2020
This is an interesting match,for me both National teams are playing good football with more focus on offense than deffence at this type of game(friendly game at Vienna) South Korea loss against Mexico 2-3,that was very good match,South Korea without some important players played good,got a lot of passes through the match,they showed very good football, Qatar national team under coach Felix Sanchez is improving,last game against strong deffence of Costa Rica finished 1-1,I see today totally different match,both teams are capable for win,for me both of them are better at attack than deffence, Qatar stars leauge got very good players from a lot of countries,and their National players are better and better every year,look Al Sad under Xavi they are playing amazing , scoring (some games 10 goals),Qatar won Asian Championship,and played South America Championship,they show great potential,this is good bet, cheers everyone."
WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +0.66
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  • 1
    ChristopheV 17/11/2020 17:57:50
    Cheers brother!
    Excellent early boost in a long day!
    Less than 40 minutes were enough!