Slovakia - Russia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Slovakia +0.75
Odds: 2.02
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/03/2021

Slovakia already screwed up in the first two matches against the weakest teams of the group. After the disappointing draw against Cypres in the first match they did even worst in second match where at home they drew also against Malta. So they already wasted all their “bonuses” in this group. From now on they should fight in every match to take all possible points if they want to have a chance to fight for the first two places. This group is very balanced and every team could beat any team as we have seen so far. There are four teams who will fight for the first two places because Croatia who was the main favorite to win the group is not showing good signs lately so everything is possible here. 

So from now on for Slovakia there is no more room for mistake. With the players that they have I believe they are capable of overcoming this bad start of the qualifiers starting from today. 

Russia on the other hand did a great job in the first two matches wining against Malta by 3-1 and than at home  defeating one of the rivals Slovenia by 2-1. They are leading the group at the moment and they will be a very difficult opponent for every team. 

For today’s match I expect Russia to approach it in a very cautious way and the most important thing will be to avoid the defeat while Slovakia on the other hand will try to win it in order to make up for the bad results so far, but I don’t expect them to rush forward at any cost because a defeat will mean an end to the qualifying dream. 

So in this context I expect a very tight game and the possibility for a draw is quite high, but having in mind the motivation factor that should be more on Slovakia’s side I am choosing to back Slovakia with a +0.75 AH. I believe Slovakia is capable of taking at least a point tonight. 

WIN Score: 2:1 Profit: +1.02
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