Asian Handicap
Pick: HJK(-0.75)
Odds: 1.86
Stake: 1

Match date: 22/05/2021

Hometeam SJK was last season 7th in veikkausliiga end of the season and it looklike that they have samekind of level in their performances this season too,when they get only draw at home against weak KTP(1-1),same against mediocre HIFK(1-1) and won against bottomranked AC Oulu(0-2).Because of low quality of this league its still fact,that SJK are still without loss even their performances have been faraway convincing and ofcourse they have meet sofar 2 bottomranked teams(AC Oulu&KTP) and mediocre HIFK.Only player who miss this game forsure is midfielder Pyry Hannola because he is loanplayer from HJK and are not available.

Awayteam HJK have maybe not been so convincing that results shows,but they have best squad in veikkausliiga and sometimes they win even they performed example with only 90% from 100% so its not very big suprise that they are top of the league right now with stats 3-1-0 goals:9-2.They still miss couple of players,but because of they have good depth in their squad its no problem.

SJK come to get their first real test this early season,when former champion come to visit.HJK have last time loss against SJK season 2016,so they have mental advantage also to their opponent.SJK have sofar shows nothing that kind of quality in their games that they could challenge HJK.

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +0.86
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