Sigma Olomouc - Zaglebie

Club Friendly
Asian Handicap
Pick: away 0
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 1

Match date: 11/07/2021

Yesterday Sigma Olomouc fielded almost all the owners in the friendly lost against the Danes, in defense to say they all played. Friendly match played on a neutral field but always in Poland where Zaglebie Lubin has always disappointed in the three friendly matches played so far, losing against ekstraklasa teams and drawing the derby a few days ago with Miedz Legnica playing in 1liga. However, I want to point out that when Sigma Olomouc did not field the owners they always suffered against teams clearly inferior to the Poles and I am referring to the two Slovaks who recently met in friendlies, for which today Sigma will play with almost all the reserves, while the Poles field the best formation at least at the start, also because the new coach wants to see progress and has finished the experiments as the championship is very close to starting. So this led me to play the draw no bet of ZAGLEBIE LUBIN who today in my opinion have a great chance of winning the first friendly match.

VOID Score: 1:1 Profit: 0
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