Šibenik - Varaždin

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Match date: 07/02/2021

Two neighbors in the rankings of the 1st Croatian football league, seventh Šibenik and eighth Varaždin, will play match of the 20th round today at 3 pm CET at the Šubićevac stadium. About 15 degrees Celsius, and a light south wind without rain are expected. The difference between these two clubs is two points (20 - 18), but Šibenik played one game less (18 - 19).

It should be immediately emphasized that there have been major changes in the odds for this duel. Šibenik was initially at 2.15 for the victory, only to reach 3.00 yesterday, and then start falling again. There is no logical explanation for this odds, there will be no release and agreement, because both clubs are struggling to stay in the league. Even the guests from Varaždin are in much bigger problems with absences and there is reason to believe that they are not favorites today. It is a much more realistic assessment that Šibenik is the favorite.

In the last three rounds, team of coach Krunoslav Reandulić provided great play on three away games and won 7 points, almost 9, but in the last round Rijeka equalized with a goal from the penalty spot in the 101st minute. Victory 2:1 against Dinamo was especially sensational, never before in history this club beaten the champion in Zagreb, but this generation has succeeded. Several players deserve special praise. These are strikers Sahiti and Jurić (together they scored 13 goals this season), excellent young midfielder Marko Bulat, who is followed by great Barcelona, ??and experienced defender Schieldenfeld, a former member of the Croatian national team, who returned to Šibenik this winter. They and everyone else were well balanced by coach Rendulić and they are playing great football at the moment.

For this match against Varaždin, coach Rendulić missing winger Prince Ampem (three goals in 17 appearances), but 27-year-old Argentine striker Ignacio Bailone (27), a tall striker who signed a 1,5-years contract this week, also has the right to play. He will wait for an opportunity from the bench, and Sahiti and Jurić will lead attack again.

In the last round at home, Varaždin beat the third-placed Gorica 2:1, although they were three quarters of match in a subordinate position. However, in the last twenty minutes, the team of coach Zoran Kastel put a lot of pressure on Gorica defence and best scorer Obregon, and new reinforcement Gabrijel Boban scored the winning goals.

It was a very important success for Varaždin, which is slowly fleeing from the bottom, but in that game coach Kastel was left without several players for the duel against Šibenik. First of all, there will be big problems in the defense because right back Tkalčić, central defender Stolnik and left back Urata injured, and third yellow card was given to defensive midfielder Senić. These are four standard players that Kastel will have to replace, and changes in the back line very often suggest big problems. Varaždin doesn't have too much quality in the creation of play, so they will probably rely on counter-attacks.

Both teams have self-confidence, but the atmosphere in Šibenik is great, as it wasn't a long time ago, this team is well-coordinated and will ask for all three points today at stadium Šubićevac. We should also remember their last game in August last year, when the host missed a number of great chances, and Varaždin scored in the 89th minute to win 1:0. Šibenik is looking for a revenge today...

Possible first 11

Šibenik: Labrović - Pandža, Schildenfeld, Bilić - Pajić, Čurić, Bulat, Kvesić - Rak - Sahiti, Jurić.

Varaždin: Horkaš - Memija, Grgec, Čelić, Pellumbi - Postonjski, Đurasek - Posavec, Glavina, Boban - Obregon.

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