Šibenik - Gorica

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Match date: 20/04/2021

Šibenik and Gorica will play match of 30th round of the 1st Croatian football league at 5 pm CET on Tuesday. It is a duel between seventh and third club in this league, but both are in a big crisis of results, which especially refers to Gorica, which is in total drop and hasn't won in the last six rounds.

Šibenik recently changed coach and 45-year-old Spanish strategist Sergio Escobar came instead of Krunoslav Rendulić. He won two points in three league matches, and a 1:1 draw against the best club in the league - Dinamo from Zagreb, has a special value.

Escobar believes that the time has come for the first victory, which would be of big importance for Šibenik in his fight to stay in the league. Of the more important players, Escobar will not be able to count on striker Prince Ampem (4 goals in 26 appearances) and experienced central defender Pandža, but he has solutions for those positions.

He announced a 4-4-1-1 tactical formation and a very aggressive play with a clear desire for Šibenik to be team who will dictate the rhythm of this match.

- Our pledge for optimism is our play from the second half against Varaždin in the last round, when we came back from a negative result and won a 1:1 draw. Gorica is in a negative series, they also have squad problems and we will try to use all that. But, above all, I expect a good play of my team - said new coach of Šibenik Sergio Escobar.

Gorica has been the most pleasant surprise of the league since the beginning of the season, they have never been below the third place, but now Rijeka is one point behind them.

Coach Siniša Oreščanin admits that his team is in crisis, and his biggest problem is the injuries of key players. The best scorer Kristijan Lovrić, who has knee problems, will not be able to play against Šibenik, and without him Gorica isn't the same team. He scored 15 goals and was the creator of play, and no one can replace him. Also, midfielders Suk and Kalik are out of action until the end of this season, and standard central defender Steenvoorden is also ill.

The guests come to Šibenik in a very bad mood, no player is in the right shape, and it has been very difficult for them to score goals lately. Many analysts predict that Gorica will not score many points by the end of the season and will not record more than one or two wins in the last seven rounds.

Their main hope is Croatian Cup, where they are in the semifinals and play against Dinamo next week. They could keep all their strength just for that match. Bookmakers see Gorica as the favorite in this match, but our opinion is completely opposite, and we don't believe that the guests can win at the Šubićevac stadium.

They are physically and psychologically shaken and it will be good, if they win even one point. The hosts know that they need a victory to stay in the league, they will go to the maximum to achieve it, and our bet on Šibenik is tempting in every sense.

HALF WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.42
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