Shkendija vs Renova

North Macedonia
1X2 / Moneyline
Stake: 1

Match date: 15/08/2021

Shkendija are the reigning champions, while Renova escaped the relegation after play-out match. It is no surprise I am expecting Shkendija to win the match. I am well aware this is a derby as both teams are sharing the stadium, but there is a difference. Shkendija have lot of fans, they are loyal and they will give a huge support to their players. On contrary, Renova are club from Dzepciste, a village near Tetovo and they have no fan base. So, there will be lot of Shkendija fans at the stadium and this fact should not be underestimated.

Something else should also be mentioned. Shkendija started with competitive matches on 6 July. They were not successful in Europe and suffered elimination after lost to Mura in the Champions League and lost to Riga FC in UEFA Conference League. The results were poor, but that's the reality of the Macedonian football. However, there is something positive as they are already in rhythm. New coach Bruno Akrapovic was furious after the draw with Tikves in the first round and he forced the players to training very hard. On Monday the training session started at 7AM. The players will give the maximum on this match, that's sure. Renova, meanwhile, have played only one match, against FK Skopje in the first round. Renova were favorites against the newcomers, but failed to win and the match ended with an 1:1 draw.

Considering the previously mentioned facts, I expect Shkendija to win this match.

Match date: 15/08/2021
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