Sesvete - Osijek II

Under / Over
Pick: Over 2,5 goals
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 1

Match date: 06/11/2020
In the first match of the 13th round of the 2nd Croatian league, fourth-placed Sesvete and third-placed Osijek II will meet, ad this clubs shares only a point difference. If there is a winner, he will jump to second place.

It should be immediately emphasized that neither of these two clubs has first-league ambitions. Osijek II by the fact that it is a young team of first league club Osijek, and Sesvete because they have not wanted it for years because of financial reasons, or failure to build an adequate stadium that was promised to them, but there is nothing of new stadium in the current crisis.

Precisely because this reasons players of Sesvete are completely relieved, they play very nice and efficient football led by the excellent young coach Dino Babić. Offensive play is in the first place for him, and as he has many talented players, it is not surprising that they scored 14 goals in the last five games, and the results were 3:4 (Gorica, cup), 3:2 (Hajduk II), 1:2 (Dubrava), 5:4 (Orijent) and 2:3 (HD).

Sesvete will not change anything in tactics even today, their goal is to beat Osijek II and from the first minute they will play engaged and brave. The home team is missing an important midfielder Vujanić, and Hlevnjak and Malekinušić, but their two key players are Topić and Geljić, who are in great shape and have combined to score 14 goals in the Championship.

Osijek II lined up with four draws, and in all those matches team of coach Tolić was closer to victory, but its realization failed. In the last match with Hajduk II, which ended 1:1, Osijek played without five standard players (goalkeeper Barešić, Benić, Ljubić, Mišković, Beljo), three of whom are returning to line-up today, not the dangerous striker Beljo, but with very talented Mišković and Latković at the peak of the attack, the insecure defense of the home team could have a lot of trouble.

Guests will not calculate, it is a young and development team that plays without complexes and fears, and it seems realistic that at least three goals will be scored in this match.
Last season in Sesvete result was 3:1 for the hosts, and today sunny weather and 13 degrees Celsius are expected in the eastern suburbs of Zagreb."
WIN Score: 1:5 Profit: +0.95
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