Sesvete - Kustošija

Under / Over
Pick: Over +2,5 goals
Odds: 1.84
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/02/2021

With three matches of the 18th round, competition in the 2nd Croatian football league, which has 18 clubs, continues today. Whoever will be placed first go in the 1st HNL, while three worst clubs will be relegated to the 3rd league.

Many matches have to be played by mid-May, so it will not be easy for any club to maintain continuity of results.

Two city rivals Sesvete and Kustošija will meet today (2.30 pm CET) in the eastern suburbs of capital town Zagreb. In 16 games played so far, both clubs have collected 23 points and share eighth place, which suggests a very even and exciting game today. It is cold in Sesvete, it will be between -5 and -2 degrees Celsius, but pitch of the Sveti Josip Radnik stadium is one of the best in the league, so there will be no problems for players.

Sesvete was the most efficient club in the first part of the league, they scored 35 goals, but they also received the most (33). Young coach Dino Babić is forcing an extremely offensive style of play and he will not change that (last 12 games of Sesvete in 2. HNL ended with three or more goals in total).

During the transfer period, there were several changes in the Sesvete roster, but no important players left the club. Top scorers Topić (11 goals) and Geljić (6) are still the main hopes for Babić, and Vujanić, Malekinušić and Sunagić are still in attack and midfield, all players who can be a decision factor.

In some preparatory matches, Sesvete played efficiently, and the 4:2 victory against first division team Slaven Belupo should be singled out. They also played against today's rival Kustošija and won 2:0. Coach Babić has no problems with absences today.

Kustošija had poor results at the start of the competition, but as time went on, it got better. The key thing was to buy former player of Dinamo Zagreb and the Belgian Club Brugge Fran Brodić. When he started playing as he knows and score goals, Kustošija's results immediately improved, and Brodić is certainly among three best players in the entire league.

Coach Ivica Landeka has several other players who have first league experience, and in the preparatory tournament in which Sesvete also participated, Kustošija won second place, with victories over rivals from the 2nd HNL - Hrvatski dragovoljac (3:0) and Dubrava Tim Kabel (3:1). Jurčec, Gale and Barada are injured to the guests, but they aren't so important players.

These two clubs don't have first-league ambitions, so they can play without pressure and their main goal is to stay out of the fight to stay in the league. Therefore, this should be an interesting match in which goals will come. Practically the strongest teams will play for Sesvete and Kustošija and that is why bet on 3+ goals.

LOST Score: 0:0 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    CK 12/02/2021 16:23:09
    Can't believe this match ended in scoreless draw

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