Seraing - Waasland

Asian Handicap
Pick: Waasland +0
Odds: 1.98
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/05/2021

Waasland is here the favourite for me, they must fight until the last minute to reach spot 17 and they deserved that spot. Even they are only 17th they have some good players and they played good football. With Frey they have a player with a lot of experience and he’s very important for them with his goals. With Koita they have a good fast winger and also Heymans can score his goals so in offensive compartment they have enough players that can score goals. They have 4 injured players but all of them are long time injuries (already more than 5 games). Only Vukotic is an important absentee today. He’s suspended. If we look to their last 3 games they only had 3 points in competition but it could be also 7 or 9 points. Against Sint-Truiden they took the lead but after a red card for them, Sint-Truiden took over the control of the game. Against Kortrijk they lost with 3-4 but in this game Waasland deserved at least a draw. The defence of Waasland is maybe a bit doubtful and they concede sometimes easy goals but their offensive power will compensate this.

Seraing was second after Union in the second division and they have now the chance to fight for a spot in first division. But for me there is no team except of Union that has the qualities to play in first division. The gap with the first division teams is to big for me. With Mikautadze they have the top scorer of second division but you can’t compare him with the Mikautadze of the start of the competition. Most of his goals came from the beginning and he couldn’t hold the same level of playing. Their organisation in defence is better in comparison with the beginning of the season but I can’t see them stopping Frey, Koita and Heymans.

The odds for Waasland are too high for me and I can’t see them losing this game here. I go for Waasland +0 and fair odds for this line shouldn’t be higher than 1.80. My prediction is 0-2 or 1-2 for Waasland.

VOID Score: 1:1 Profit: 0
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  • 1
    Yippee 01/05/2021 20:27:46
    Odd raised before kick off because Koita was not ready to play. Game finished 1-1 so bet is void. Waasland took the lead via a penalty of Frey. This was a bit undeserved because Seraing had the better chances. In last minute Seraing got also a penalty so a bit frustrated that Waasland gave the win away here in the last minute.