Senegal - South Africa

Asian Handicap
Pick: South Africa AH 0
Odds: 1.671
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/07/2021

Africa - COSAFA Cup, Final match

Senegal and South Africa will face each other in game that will give us the answer who is the 2021 COSAFA Cup winner. 

Usually these African games are low scoring and as such usually very tight, draws happens more often but here in my opinion this shouldn't be exactly the case. Namely, I see clear edge for one side and that's South Africa. 

First of all, South Africa is the tournament host and this fact gives them certain advantage. It's interesting that this is 4th straight time that South Africa is hosting this tournament. They failed to reach the finals on previous three occasions but now they will play for the trophy. By the way, when ever South African team was reaching the finals, they were winning it. With four trophies so far they are one of all time most successful nations on this competition. 

As for Senegal, for them this 2021 campaign was the tournament debut. They have been invited as a guest country. Have in mind it never happened to guest country also wins the title.  

We can put all that aside cause tradition maybe is not so much important, even the home field advantage doesn't need to be crucial. But what certainly makes South Africa stronger favourite than the offered odds are suggesting, is the way how these two teams have played on the tournament so far on this 2021 edition. 

Namely South Africa was almost perfect. In the group with Eswatini, Zambia, Botswana and Lesotho, the host has finished with 3-1-0 and without conceding any goal. Then in the semis has followed another great match and 3:0 victory over Mozambique.

Senegal on the other side wasn't close to such level. They also topped its group but with one lost game and with four conceded goals overall. Then in the semis followed two more conceded goals in match against Eswatini. It was a game where Senegal was 0:2 down and then they scored twice later on with equalizer coming ten minutes before the end and pretty much thanks to the fact that Eswatini was a man down on the pitch due to red card. 

For the final match both teams should be with best lineups cause there are no suspensions or injuries. That being said, I'll trust to 'Bafana Bafana' who is the host, who had perfect defense and the bottom line who overall showed more so far.  

VOID Score: 0:0 Profit: 0
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