S.C.Farense Vs S.C.Braga

Asian Handicap
Pick: S.C.Braga h-1
Odds: 2.26
Stake: 1

Match date: 05/04/2021


S.C.Farense will host S.C.Braga with the smallest hope for points. S.C.Farense will not count with the injured Licá(FW, 15 games 2 goals) and Rafael Defendi(Regular GK) that play a huge role of experience in this young team that was in the second league last year. More 2 players are in doubt for this game, but even if they enter the field, they will not be certain at their best, and they are: André Pinto(Center back, 8 games 1 goal) experienced player that entered the squad last transfer market and Madi Queta(Playmaker,n?10, 13 games). Farense's coach Jorge Costa, admitted that his team will struggle a lot to win points in this game, and knowing his approach at this games, he will play with a very compact formation and low pressure in the opposition midfield and he will focus on set pieces and corners to try to hurt the adversary.

S.C.Braga will enter the field like sharks pursuing blood in the water. They were 3rd for some time, but last round they lost with the direct rival for the place, S.L.Benfica(3rd), and that is a boost to their motivation after they played that game with 10 men for 70min and their president simply trashed the referee, claiming that the millions at stake for the 3rd( last Champions League qualification place) played a huge role in a game that was clearly not fair to his eyes, this game is to win and to perform. For this game, S.C.Braga will miss Fransergio(playmaker, 21 games 5 goals), and other players unavailable are out for a while, so not worth mentioning. S.C.Braga's coach thrived at the press conference with this hiatus caused by the national teams. He thanked this good two weeks of training, as S.C.Braga suffered a lot from fatigue these last months, due to the short periods between games, that here in Portugal is for sure an excuse for almost bad results.

The league standings that matter for this game are:


3rd S.L.Benfica   51points        (Champions League(qualification))

4th S.C.Braga     50points        (Europa League)


15th Boavista F.C. 24points(+1game)

16th S.C.Farense  22points        (Relegation play-offs)

17th C.S.Maritimo 21points        (Relegation)

18th C.D.Nacional 21points(+1game) (Relegation)

S.C.Farense can only point with the stars all lined up for that, with big motives of staying alive, but they still can fight in other games. S.C.Braga have motives to show more, and with their very deep squad, they can easily maintain high pressure on the field for 90' and transform that into goals.

My bet is a victory for more than a goal from Braga, and the odds look very nice.

VOID Score: 1:2 Profit: 0
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  • 1
    E.Ricardo 05/04/2021 22:03:38
    So, Farense scored their goal out of a corner.... and Braga scored their winning goal in the 90+1min. A complete misread of this game by myself. Too many unexplainable giveaways by Al Musrati( awarded best center midfielder of last month), extreme passive game by all three center backs, and lack of purpose in the game just making too many passes without any kind of moves of the forwards. This Farense team deserved the win, no questions asked.

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