Sarmiento vs Talleres

Asian Handicap
Pick: Sarmiento +0.25
Odds: 1.833
Stake: 1

Match date: 04/12/2021

Of course, Talleres is more than Sarmiento but that would be in normal conditions and in this game there are many condiments to take into account

Talleres comes from playing last night in San Luis the semi-final of the Argentine cup and this Wednesday he will play the final against Boca

Talleres never won a national title, it is a unique opportunity

If we add to that that in the league he no longer plays for almost nothing since he is classified for the edition of the next Copa Libertadores by the annual table, I deduce the logic that Cacique Medina will send all his holders to rest since the game against Sarmiento will be in less than 72 hours, no rest

Also, he had not been doing rotation to avoid it, take into account that there was a date during the week and he already has 4 games in 12 days, if they do not rotate it would be 5 in 15 days ... crazy considering that they are before a historic game

Already in itself, they have one of their best players as a drop, the Colombian Valoyes and the Auzqui Dog who had been a starter

Also Talleres had been showing visitor solidity, only one triumph of the last 5 visits

Sarmiento deserved more points in the last 2 dates

I deserve more than the draw with Banfield and at least the draw against San Lorenzo, unfair defeat

With Gondou and Torres they have to complicate what will surely be the B team of Workshops

Sarmiento needs to add urgently because next season is coming with descents and he is not comfortable in that table

In addition to being local, it usually adds much more than visiting, it is another team

LOST Score: 1:2 Profit: -1
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