Sarmiento vs Huracan

Asian Handicap
Pick: Huracan +0.25
Odds: 1.865
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/09/2021

Penta88 = 1.865

Pinnacle= 1.862

The value tactic is working well in this month

Because the reality is that they are two teams that are not on a roll, but it should be noted that Huracan has 5 games without losing and the rival is not exactly one of the complicated ones, so you have to take advantage

But because on top of that Huracan found the last date what he needed to give confidence to the squad and DT, a triumph

Throughout the championship he dealt with several casualties but in the last few days he was recovering all the soldiers and for this game Merolla returns in defense after the suspension

Sarmiento found himself with local triumphs in unusual conditions, all substitutes for central that did not beat anyone, and with the Tucuman they deserved to lose by a landslide in the PT and incredibly the opposite happened in the ST

Even so, their last 2 games were poor, they lost against a River totally mended and with a silly penalty from a Lanus defender they were able to tie in the last play

Sarmiento has a poor staff in names for my taste

That is why I see this handicap with great value, Huracan is more and comes better

HALF WIN Score: 0:0 Profit: +0.43
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