Sao Caetano - Joinville

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Pick: Joinville -0.5
Odds: 2.29
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/10/2020
Serie D

Sao Caetano - Joinville

Sao Cateano have had a bussy week. Last weekend they won a title , regional championship and after that everything have been horrible . 

Imo there was a promise of salaries after the title or some ultimatum . 

Lets see the info i got from different media and social networks.

After winning the A2 Series of the Paulista Championship, coach Alexandre Gallo and some players have left the club

“S?o Caetano, who had announced a new partnership two months ago, to be a fuel in the club's finances, today is seeing ships, without any partnership”, explained the reporter.

Champion of Series A2, S?o Caetano still disputes Series D of the Brazilian Championship, but sees his squad in disarray. Besides the coach Alexandre Gallo, who left the command hours after the state title, other players like Everton Dias and Domingos also left the club.

But there is more info ! 

The team is a chaos ;

To make matters worse, the catastrophic financial situation was revealed. The players has not received salaries in four months and has five overdue image rights. The award for the Paulista A2 title has not yet been passed on to players. Those who have been there since last year suffer more, since they did not receive holidays , in addition to the award for winning the Copa Paulista.

The South Caetan board of directors also failed to comply with the agreement to pay the rent of apartments. For this reason, many players are being ordered to evict. In addition, their accounts were blocked due to lawsuits. Some of the players reported they had to ask their family for money to eat. In the middle of this, there is still the embezzlement of midfielder Guilherme Amorim, sent off against Pelotas-RS.

They lost 3-1  in midweek and are bottom in league , 0 wins in 5 games . 

Joinville is 4th in the group and won 6-1 vs a team called Tubarao in midweek and is in good streak , having lost only 1 from last 5 .

Tubarao who was trashed by Joinville , won 3-0 vs Sao Caetano a few weeks ago. 

LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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