Santos - Paranaense

Asian Handicap
Pick: Paranaense +0
Odds: 2.09
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/07/2021

Santos loose against America Mineiro, giving to the opponent the second win of the season.

Now an harder match for them, not only because they'll fight against one of the three teams in competition for leadership with Bragantino and Palmeiras, but overall because referee decisions against America - contested by Santos - leave hosts without the trainer on bench and also usual assistant that substitute him in such cases, Araujo, will not assume the leadership, too.

Apart the question mark on who will lead the team from bench, hosts have a completely deplted back line: Para ( def.9) is a new suspended player, keeper John ( 4) remain out, Felipe Johnatan ( def.9) is another new miss, Peres ( def.7) near to go to Marseille will not play as in last match. More, Alison ( midf.5) remain out and topscorer Kayo Jorge ( 8 2g) will be again left away, also for him is near to leave the team.

Striker Raniel could return on field after nine months out.

Paranaense has no particular problems of absences, some player could rest cause tiredness, this should be the case of Thiago Helenio ( def.8), but starting keeper Santos and key def. Abner ( 7) are regularly called. This will be last match for them before the call in team for Olympic games, another reason for Paranaense to gain the best result in this match.

Santos undefeated at home with only one goal against, but with a practically new back line and the best striker again out will be not easy for them gain more then one point here.

LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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