San Martin SJ vs Temperley

Asian Handicap
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/04/2022

Temperley's current situation is very bad

Due to the operational problems it has, in the last game a mid-table team like Atlanta handled the ball and did not beat it by more than 2 goals because it did not want to, it left the gas tanker reeling

Above is full of casualties for this game

There are 5 casualties

The best player, Allione (Ex velex and Brazilian soccer), forward Pumpido, E.Rodriguez, Pittinari and Gallegos


The San Juaninos will be able to have the entire campus available

They have problems when they leave their fiefdom, but in San Juan with the new DT they already have 2 consecutive wins and by a landslide, 3-0 and 4-0 against Jujuy


Seeing how they arrive, impossible not to play San Martin

The fee on top has value, you should pay less

Match date: 09/04/2022
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