San Lorenzo vs Banfield

Asian Handicap
Pick: San Lorenzo DNB
Odds: 1.98
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/08/2021

I do not understand the fees at all and I will take advantage of it

San Lorenzo will not be displaying a shiny football, in fact, almost nobody does, but it is effective

7 points out of 9, winning with just enough, but winning in the end, solid in defense and now with the Romeros you can expect some more genius than he had in the first 2 dates, as they showed against Boca

Banfield I feel that time passes every time and has fewer players than those who made you win a game

Payero above is still out of the call despite having returned from the Olympics

Leather is still low, so does the effectiveness of Pons

Much value in that DNB

VOID Score: 1:1 Profit: 0
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