Asian Handicap
Pick: VPS(-1)
Odds: 2.01
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/02/2021

Finland Cup group C:

RoPS     1-0-0 2-1 3pts

FF Jaro  1-0-1 3-3 3pts

VPS       0-1-0 1-1 1pts

KPV       0-1-1 2-3 1pts

RoPS relegated from Veikkausliiga what was clearly too strong league to them and their relegating was already sure many rounds before season end.Most of their last season regulars moved away,keeper Matias Niemela, defenders Kalle Katz,Juho Hyvarinen,Atte Sihvonen,Zurab Tsiskaridze,midfielders Obed Malolo,Jonas Vahtera,Tommi Jantti,Eetu Muinonen,attackers Matias Tamminen,Enoch Banza,Ynes Rahimi and one of best scorer ever in RoPS Aleksander Kokko end his career.New signings are couple of youngsters,keeper Miikka Mujunen and experienced attacker Simo Roiha.RoPS come to miss today important duo midfielder Tuomas Kaukua and Roiha.

Last season was clear disappointment to VPS so club reacted and have make some strong signings already like keeper Teppo Marttinen,defenders Mikko Pitkanen,Kareem Moses,midfielder Lugman Kassim,Jonas Vahtera,attackers Aleksi Pahkasalo and Kalle Multanen.

RoPS win against was suprise against FF Jaro..or was it?Jaro played that game almost only their reserveteam(JBK) players so even RoPS are clearly weakened from last season they take all 3pts in equal and low quality game.VPS had ballposession most of game against KPV,but they get only 1-1 draw what was big disappointment.

VPS is clearly strongest team out of these 4 teams in this group and because only winner of this group get place in next round VPS need to take all 3pts today.Odds are still good maybe just because first round results missleading bookies.

WIN Score: 0:3 Profit: +1.01
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  • 2
    Robert Munter 14/02/2021 10:00:30
    misterveer: Away/away??

    Ofcourse its possible! But that is not my tip anyway. RoPS need to use most of their reserveplayers because they strenghtened their sqyad later in preseason but VPS are almost ready. VPS duo Strandvall&Morrissey have over 400 games in toplevel(veikkausliiga) in Finland and that is ten times more than whole RoPS squads experience.
  • 4
    Robert Munter 14/02/2021 10:07:01
    Also no homeadvantage because game played neutralground in Oulu.
  • 5
    Robert Munter 14/02/2021 10:09:49
    Also no homeadvantage because game played neutralground in Oulu.
  • 6
    Robert Munter 14/02/2021 14:52:25
    RoPS starting XI average age is about 19 years, youngest player are 16.
  • 8
    CK 14/02/2021 17:58:25
    2-0 now... you are the champ bro
  • 15
    Robert Munter 15/02/2021 19:53:13
    These people not answer to you so whatta fuck

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