Under / Over
Pick: Under 2.75
Odds: 2.01
Stake: 1

Match date: 28/03/2021

Finnish cup 1/8 final:

Hometeam RoPS have totally changed their squad after they relegated last season from Veikkausliiga to ykkonen.Away moved almost every last season regulars like defenders Atte Sihvonen,Kalle Katz,Juho Hyvarinen,Zurab Tsiskaridze,midfielders Obed Malolo,Jonas Vahtera,Eetu Muinonen,attackers Matias Tamminen,Enoch Banza,Aleksander Kokko,Gyasi and Carr.RoPS come to miss today their most experienced attacker Simo Roiha and Kirill Bullat.New Signings Sacha Petsh still wait his permission,but Mohammed Adams and Jonathan Vervoort are available.

Awayteam HIFK have been in 14 days covid-19 quarantine,when they have trained first time friday together after that.11 players have moved away after last season and 11 new signings are in squad.Sofar in this cup HIFK have won against KTP(0-1),loss against HJK(2-1) and won against FC Lahti(1-0).HIFK come to miss Sakari Mattila(suspended) and attacker Carlos Erikson.

No doubt that veikkausliigateam HIFK are favorite here,but ofcourse their covid-19 quarantine with 14 days no teamtraining weakened that fact.Also there is still lots of questions about their teamwork overall after so many players have come&go.I cant see how RoPS come to score today now when their main striker Simo Roiha are injured,he is their only attacker than really have experience from toplevel(veikkausliiga) so their only way to play today is concantrate to defend their own zone and try to find some way to get counters.HIFK are team that could win any team(in Finland)in good day,but they could also suprised negative way and reason is that they lack of highprofile players like they miss trusted scorer too.I cant see many goals for these reasons even i dont like unders in big picture.

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +1.01
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 28/03/2021 11:11:06
    Also one negative aspect of HIFK is that i chat earlier today with sportsdirector of HIFK and he said when i asking that have they travelled into Rovaniemi(distance over 700km) already yesterday that they are just now in aeroplane.
  • 3
    Robert Munter 28/03/2021 17:00:05
    HIFK should be satisfied 0-0 result in halftime, because hometeam was closer to score in firsthalf.
  • 5
    CK 28/03/2021 18:06:55
    Robert Munter: Im sooo glad that under hit.
    Good job indeed...

  • 6
    Robert Munter 28/03/2021 18:13:12
    Robert Munter: Im sooo glad that under hit.
    Good job indeed...


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