RoPS-AC Oulu

Club Friendly
Under / Over
Pick: Under 3.5
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/04/2021

Hometeam RoPS relegated from Finnish veikkausliiga end of last season and otherway goes their today opponent AC Oulu,when they was champion of ykkonen last season.Almost all last season regulars have moved away from RoPS and lots of new faces are came in and even huge number of player changed RoPS have performed okay time to time.They started their preseason games just against same opponent AC Oulu middle of january,then AC Oulu won 2-0.RoPS latest games was late in march in cup against HIFK from veikkausliiga and then HIFK won 0-1 and their last game was week ago at home against lower league Hercules(0-0).RoPS come to miss defender Jonathan Vervoort,midfieldes Nino Roffelsen and Elmeri Hirvonen.

Awayteam AC Oulu promoted into veikkausliiga end of last season,anyway their preseason have been difficult with 5 wins and 7 losses.Losses against Hercules(0-1) from league kakkonen and Jippo(0-4) from league ykkonen are most embarrassing losses.They have signed totally 11 new players,but like preseason have showed they have not succeed signed any real profile players ecpesially attackers and with this squad they come to be number 1 candidate to relegate with KTP(another promoted team).

RoPS already have proved,that they can defend succesful against stronger teams than they showed in cup against HIFK(late goal 0-1) and HIFK have more dangerous players than AC Oulu.Also RoPS have showed their own problems to break defences like last week against Hercules(0-0).RoPS are anyway ranked into top 5 in Finnish ykkonen in upcoming season and AC Oulu are for sure one of weakest team in veikkausliiga so i expected tight game here without too many quality scoring chances.

WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +0.9
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  • 2
    Robert Munter 18/04/2021 12:41:51
    AsianBesTrader: tiny limits
    its problem when bookies open odds in same day only some hours before kickoffs, thank gods mainseason start next week and limits are much higher.
  • 3
    Robert Munter 18/04/2021 12:48:22
    Even unders are devil intention i must tip this.
  • 4
    AsianBesTrader 18/04/2021 13:19:38
    I ve followed with u 3.75?1.75 which is probably better odds
  • 5
    Robert Munter 18/04/2021 13:38:49
    1 goal more and this come to be my LAST underpick to the end of my life.
  • 6
    CK 18/04/2021 13:55:56
    Robert Munter: 1 goal more and this come to be my LAST underpick to the end of my life.
    Yes mate, I do agree with you. As I said before, Finland footballs are always overish. And friendly matches don’t carry much importance thus players often don’t bother to defend whole heartedly. 
  • 7
    Robert Munter 18/04/2021 14:58:38
    Every pick i send im 110% behind it, so if pick lost its not shaken to me anywhere. Today my pick was overall very lucky,but where weird 1st half with early penalty and keeper error almost ruined my tip..
  • 8
    Robert Munter 18/04/2021 15:32:18
    Great that season start next week and that means much more upcoming options too ofcourse.

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