River vs Torque

Asian Handicap
Pick: River 0.0
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/08/2021

Someone explain to me what they saw to go today in the morning with everything at the city torque fee

It is a team that had its moment of fame but now in this last month they completely disarmed it

They left the central Rak, the scorer Del Prette, the goalkeeper Fiermarin, and 2 other key players in the starting 11 as Coccaro and Scotto

And also the father of the child, DT the grapefruit Marini who went to LDU Quito

Did they bring any reinforcements after all that? DO NOT

So after fighting the last tournaments, today we see him in the middle of the table and he comes from losing to Cerrito, a team from below and by a landslide against Liverpool, the two home games

River has been doing a very good campaign with the league's star scorer, Matias Arezo and Borbas


Announcement of River, has the entire squad at disposal

Although it comes from losing as a visitor to Pe?arol, a logical defeat, it had 4 games without losing

I do not understand then the favoritism of Torque in this case

VOID Score: 3:3 Profit: 0
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