River vs San Lorenzo

Asian Handicap
Pick: River -1
Odds: 1.935
Stake: 1

Match date: 17/10/2021

I think we were the only ones who trusted River last week and we got nice green

A River that played with 10 casualties and still beat Banfield as a visitor

Now we will have River again with all its starters since the qualifiers will be played this Thursday and River's game is on Sunday at the last minute

River comes from getting the last 22 points of the 24 played, that is why it is the leader of the tournament

In that streak I won with almost a substitute team on 2 occasions and I won the classic against Boca

Today Julian Alvarez has a different player, surely the best in Argentine football by far

With morale on the rise and with the return of several injured such as Enzo Perez, Hector Martinez and Brian Romero they will face a team that has been beaten like San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo lost yesterday with Colon as a local and again giving a pale image

The reality is that Pablo Montero has already tried the entire squad and cannot find the team

That's why his days are numbered.  Ideal panorama for River to continue with its good streak and continue taking advantage of its stadium, where fast grass is increasingly complicating rivals

WIN Score: 3:1 Profit: +0.93
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