Asian Handicap
Pick: RFA(+0.5)
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/05/2021

Seasonopener in Finnish Kakkonen group c.

Hometeam RFA was last season 3rd in this same group end of the season.They are reserveteam to RoPS which relegated last season from veikkausliiga to league ykkonen.So it was logically that most RoPS last season regulars moved away and many RFA players have trained with RoPS and come to get their chances in league ykkonen.So after all this players moving around RFA have even younger squad than example last season was,but they get today from RoPS defenders Miska Ylitolva,Sampo Iso-ala,midfielder Vertti Hanninen and attacker Kiril Bullat.Also they have experienced players like defender Simo Majander,midfielder Rasmus Degerman,attackers Sampo Ala and Jarkko Luiro so their starting XI is still strong,even they have short bench.

Awayteam OPS are newcomer in this level,after they promoted from league kolmonen to kakkonen.They have very interesting squad with players that have experienced higher leagues.OPS have played quite few friendlies in preseason so its hard to make finally ranking of them,but im sure that they come to suprise many bettors/bookies positive and negative way.

So all in all RFA starting XI looks good to me and they have great chances to get at least draw out of this seasonopener.

WIN Score: 2:2 Profit: +1
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