Asian Handicap
Pick: Reipas(-2)
Odds: 1.98
Stake: 1

Match date: 02/10/2021

Hometeam Reipas are already securited their leagueplace into next season with 4th place stats 8-5-7 and their finally position come to be between 4th-7h.They have no important missings.

Awayteam MiPK have been bottom of leaguetable almost whole season and their way into league kolmonen are 99.999% sure already.MiPK should still miss Lucas Dos Santos.

Club of Reipas celebrate 130 years celebrations tomorrow so they have extramotivation in this game against already relegated MiPK.I expected biggest win of this season to Reipas,when they have already showed their potential example with win against leagueleader JaPS(3-2).Otherside MiPK have showed some very unmotivated results and worst of those was 0-11 loss against PePo.First meeting MiPK-Reipas 0.2.

VOID Score: 4:2 Profit: 0
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 02/10/2021 10:58:32
    MiPK have Lucas Dos Santos back in action today,but out of action are defender Eero Karjalainen(18/0),Jesse Jappinen(5/1),Ake Deng(11/1),Peetu Kerminen(14/1) and Tomi Janhunen(14/0).
  • 2
    CK 02/10/2021 14:16:37
    Bookies fixed it? Just hoping 5-2 is the final score 

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