Ranheim - Start

Under / Over
Pick: over 2.75
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 02/06/2021

If we look at the latest results of the two Ranheim teams three games played two under 2.5, Start-Alesund 2-0 we cannot say with certainty that this match will end over or with more than two goals. But we must take into consideration that START with the Icelandic coach on the bench always plays to win and if Ranheim in the only game played in his stadium ended 1-0 it is because they found a team that defended themselves the whole game, what that tomorrow against the Start will certainly not happen because it is not in the DNA of the guests to defend themselves. Ranheim wants to redeem the only point he got in his last two away games so he'll only play to win. I am sure that in this match we will see at least three goals but it could be even more.

LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -1
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