Radnik - Metalac

Asian Handicap
Pick: Metalac 0.0
Odds: 2.21
Stake: 1

Match date: 19/07/2021

Radnik ended 6th placed last season but it will be almost impossible to repeat that success so the team from southeast of Serbia will be happy to stay located in the middle table if possible. Manager Slavoljub Djordjevic, who achieved this great result left the side to Vojvodina, so former Javor head coach Igor Bondzulic will take care of Radnik this season. Can Bondzulic repeat what Djordjevic did? Hard. Club also waits for capital signings, while best scorer Makaric left to Denmark Superliga, captain Stevanovic left to Vojvodina, two good players also left the side previously. Newly signed players need some time to click together but those are mainly younger players that should shine at one point.

Metalac made one of the best transfer windows in the league and with good conditions, a well-composed team, and an ambitious young coach, a team from Gornji Milanovac could be the surprise of the championship, of course, if they make good results. I really like how they looked in pre-season and the signings they make, this team could be just behind European places if things go well from the start - because if there is no impulse on start, it will be hard to end highly positioned. It's simply like that in this area - harmony and enthusiasm can lead you to big levels through the season but if a poor start happens, it's hard to get out of it. That's what coach Lazetic knows and surely he aims 3 pts today. 

Fans will be in stands after many months of restrictions and this should push the home team to show their best, right? Sure, but it will also motivate away teams to show themselves in the brightest light. 

*original bet is 0.25 Metalac but 0.0 is not bad either, I said the away coach will look for 3 points here, no doubt 

VOID Score: 0:0 Profit: 0
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