Radnik - Crvena zvezda

Asian Handicap
Pick: Crvena zvezda-2.25
Odds: 1.77
Stake: 1

Match date: 27/10/2021

Serbia - Super Liga

This is earlier postponed game from Round 5.

In the city of Surdulica, Radnik is hosting the defending champion, Crvena zvezda. My bet is on the road team in this at first look highly risk -2.25 line. But I think Zvezda will secure winner here for me. Big win is pretty likely to happen. Two goals margin definitely, so if we lose then at least shouldn't be full loss. 

If there is an opponent whom Crvena zvezda would like to meet every round, then it's exactly Radnik. It's not some big secret, Radnik will never make life tough to Zvezda. Radnik will always gladly lose from this opponent. Who knows Serbian football, knows what kind of relationships are between these two clubs. One of Toncev brothers was/is there (the other one is in charge in Radnicki Nis) and those are always safe points for Zvezda. 

In numbers that looks like this:

15 games in totals and Crvena zvezda is 15-0-0 in those. Goal difference 54:7. So basically Zvezda scores in average 4 goals against this opponent and concedes 1 but every second game. 

Radnik in any case is relegation material this season.  

Currently they are 2nd from the bottom while their 0-2-4 home record is the worst in the league. 

Obviously departure of Milan Makarić (was the team and also the league best scorer) at the end of last season was huge blow for Radnik. Makarić now plays in Danish Super League for Aalborg while Radnik wasn't able to find decent replacement for him and they're struggling big time in attack. Radnik has scored only 8 goals in 12 games in the league which is by far worst. The first next is the last placed Novi Pazar with 12 goals. 

Today Katai won't play for Cz. That's a handicap to be honest but against this opponent I don't think it will be visible his absence. The striker Pavkov is back to practice and it's only on head coach Stankovic to decide if Pavkov will get the chance to play.  

LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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