Radnički 1923 - Čukarički

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Čukarički
Odds: 1.61
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/08/2021

Serbia - Super Liga, Round 6

In the city of Kragujevc, Radnicki 1923 is hosting Cukaricki. In my opinion today's game is great chance for Cukaricki to get back on the winning track. 

Radnicki is the newcomer to best Serbian division. After spending six years in lower divisions, they are finally back to the highest competition rank. There weren't some big expectations from them. But the team from Kragujevac has made two nice victories at the start of the season, firstly away in Lucani against Mladost (0:1) and then at home vs Spartak Subotica (3:2). 

Already on the season opener the first goalkeeper got injured and had to go on surgery. He is still out. His very young backup didn't manage too well. He immediately was responsible for two goals in the second round but Radnicki still has won 3:2 against Spartak. After two initial victories, Radnicki was back to ground a little bit with two straight losses. For those games they brought also new goalkeeper cause obviously didn't have too much trust in the above mentioned backup youngster. This new guy was the Croatian veteran, Ivan Radoš for whom to be honest hardly anyone ever heard of. I don't have too much trust to him either but he is surely better solution than the young backup who had to be on goal again in the last 5th round (Radoš was unavailable last time) away against TSC and conceded even four goals. Still, Radnicki on very fortunate way has managed to avoid third straight loss and firstly got back from 3:1 down to tie on three goals each, before eventually scored from penalty in 90+6 minutes for final 4:4 score.  

So, overall 7 pts for the newcomer so far which wasn't bad but really many luck for them. Not just mentioned game against TSC but also first round road win against Mladost was the game where Radnicki was so inferior opponent and deserved to lose with at least two to three goals margin. Instead, they won eventually all three points from pretty much only serious shot on target they had and it was again deep in injury time (90+8 minute).

If you ask me, it's time to luck turn them back a little bit, although in this matchup I doubt luck should be deciding factor at all, meaning, Cukaricki is the team on so much higher level. 

Djordje Jovanovic is injured for the hosts. Radnicki has signed in the meantime Dragoljub Srnic who was in the long past member of Cukaricki. But hardly Srnic will play today. 

Cukaricki is in small decline. After great home win over Hammarby (3:1) in the Conference League, they lost from Kolubara here in the national league and then suffered huge and embarrassing loss from Hammarby (5:1) in the second road leg. Then followed scoreless draw at home vs Radnicki Nis. For me away loss in Sweden wasn't surprise, after all, I was suggesting here that they will lose there easily but didn't expect to be so essily. We should mention it was very tough schedule for Cukaricki. They were in series of six games in only 18 days. Now after long time Cukaricki is coming from long rest. They didn't play since last Sunday.

Plus, at the start of this week Cukaricki has changed the head coach. Legendary Partizan's player, Sasa Ilic is the new boss. It's not that he has coaching experience. This is his first job but we know how in these situations with new coaches arriving, the teams in question like by the rule starts playing way better, if nothing else than in those initial game or two.  

WIN Score: 0:3 Profit: +0.61
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