Racing vs River

Asian Handicap
Pick: River -1
Odds: 1.89
Stake: 1

Match date: 04/03/2021

Neutral Field

We have two opposite realities Racing reaches its lowest point. Since Pizzi and several reinforcements arrived I thought that racing was going to have another present But his football never appeared He was beaten in all 3 league games. Banfield, students and even local vs Aldosivi Above it has 2 casualties such as orban and ore and still does not have a natural replacement for ore because soto is not whole and Melgarejo was a disaster in that position. Above they have in doubt the goalkeeper Arias, who if they do not play they lose their best player at least today River does not reach its highest point, but in the 3 league games he either won or deserved to win it as when he lost with students This River arrives more complete, I incorporate a lot and has a replacement in all its lines despite the loss of pinola Erase I think I will play Already in itself, it is more team than racing And with this present of both teams, I have more confidence in him

WIN Score: 0:5 Profit: +0.89
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