Racing vs Godoy Cruz

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Racing
Odds: 1.82
Stake: 1

Match date: 04/04/2021 And after the 0-5 with River, the injuries, the covid ... racing once again has the entire squad at its disposal. He recovers Martínez in defense and a revulsive like the Paraguayan Melgarejo. In addition, Cvitanich returns who can contribute his scoring quota from the bank As for the results, he got 4 consecutive wins and on the last date he got a visitor point from nothing less than River Godoy Cruz is very weak, two defeats and in the last game he found a goal with a shoe against workshops and then he was dominated by workshops that tied him and deserved to win Above in this game he will not have the one who is being his best player. I'm talking about Renzo tesuri. Not only is he the team's top scorer but he is the one who brings him play in the Mendoza

LOST Score: 2:4 Profit: -1
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