Racing Santander - Real Sociedad B

Asian Handicap
Pick: Racing 0
Odds: 1.61
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/03/2021

Racing - Real Sociedad B

Segunda B 2

Racing arrives in a very good dynamic since coach changed after very weak start of the season. 

Won the last 4 in a row and is unbeaten for the last 6 .

They have the best players and highest budget of the league so the only goal is the promotion. 

Right now they are outside the playoff zone so they must keep winning in the last 4 games of the first phase. 

Today is very important as Real Sociedad is a direct rival , not getting the 3 points here would be a disaster.

For first time this season some public is allowed to enter and the 6000+ tickets available have been sold .  

Real Sociedad is a good team as well but obviously less experienced than Racing , who have some players with past even in the first tier.

Their goal ( avoid relegation without many problems) is already achieved and to reach the promotion is too much for them. 

Their force is big at home but as visitors they drop the level a lot .

Tomorrow they miss a couple of players in middle which are important pieces. 

LOST Score: 0:1 Profit: -1
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