PSG - Bayern

UEFA Champions League
Under / Over
Pick: Over 3.25
Odds: 1.76
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/04/2021

After the result of the first match, I don’t expect anything else but a game full of chances and goals. This will be very interesting game which could go either way and IMO the best option is to go with goals. Bayern will have to attack since the first minute since they must score at least 2-3 goals and that means that they could leave a lot of spaces behind for PSG attackers to threaten them.

In the first match I predicted that PSG will escape with a point at least and that did happened, but in that match I was surprised from the domination that Bayern had and if they were a bit more precise they could have scored a lot of goals and  taken the win.

To be honest at first when I saw the odds for this second leg, my thought was again to back PSG +0.5 because Bayern still faces the problems of the first leg with important players injured like Lewa, Gnabry and now also Goretzka, but PSG will also have important missings in the face of Marquinhos which is the leader of the defense.

Beside Marquinhos, Keylor Navas was substituted in last match and we don’t know his condition and if he also doesn’t play than PSG are in awful position.

I believe that PSG are unlikely to dominate this game and will surely try to play on the counter. However, they might find things difficult against a Bayern who could potentially have things easier as PSG are without their defensive leader in Marquinhos.

On the other hand PSG has all the attackers available. Neymar (suspended) and Di Maria were rested in last match against Strasbourg and they will start alongside Mbappe and Draxler and all those players will be a real threat for Bayern’s defense.

?So to sum up, having in mind Bayern’s need to win this match by couple of goals and PSG absences in defense I believe Bayern will score at least 1-2 goals, while on the other hand this will give PSG lot of spaces to threaten Bayern with superfast Mbappe and Neymar and the possibility for PSG to score is also high. So a game with 3-4 goals at least is what I expect. 

LOST Score: 0:1 Profit: -1
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