Portugalete - Haro

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Portugalete
Odds: 1.66
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/04/2021

Portugalete - Haro

Segunda B 2

Haro is in the middle of a storm right now , a period when almost everything goes wrong for them. 

Firstly , the week of 15-31 March they had 11 covid cases so they stopped the trainings . After that they played a game and had to stop again April 1 as two more cases appeared, so they arrive here with very few training seasons.

Also after last week game the squad announced that most of the player are not paid for 2 months while few of them for 4 months and the situation is untenable already.

The coach is suspended as he was sent off for punching the referee in last match. Kevin Calle (14/0 d)  , one of the best defenders , is out while 4 players are doubtful as they just ended the quarantine. 

Haro is the worst team in the group with only 12 points in 18 games . Now they arrive to the 2nd phase with not many options of avoiding relegation as in 8 matches they need to get at least 14. 

Portugalete new coach arrived in February and since then the team improved a lot , losing only twice in 8 weeks and remaining unbeaten at home. 

They have the goal almost accomplished now as arrived on this second phase with a good number of points . They are motivated to get 3 4 wins as soon as possible and finally avoid the relegation .

With some players  into a peak moment like Bryan Thaylor , the fair odds for Portugalete are 1.55 here.

LOST Score: 0:0 Profit: -1
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