Pontedera vs Novara

Asian Handicap
Pick: 1 (-0.5)
Odds: 2.43
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/02/2021

Serie C Group A

The president of Novara has resigned after police stopped him with a bag containing €200,000 ($240,000), which he could not explain. The 50-year-old Marcello Cianci was detained by the financial police in the southern region of Reggio Calabria and the money was seized. Reports in Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport suggest Cianci was "inexplicably anxious" when he was stopped by the police, which left with them no alternative but to search his car.

Shortly after the incident, Cianci announced his resignation as Novara president, where he had been since 2019. Novara accepted the resignation of Cianci as president of the club for personal reasons. At the same time Novara totally distances from the situation telling the press this was personal incident not linked with the club.

However, I think the situation will have big impact to the players. They are shocked by the event as they all know Cianci. Their salaries could be questionable in the next period. The situation with Coronavirus already affected the clubs as there are no fans at the stadium, while sponsors are not interested too much for third tier divisions.

Pontedera are in good form at the moment. They have two wins and two draws on the last four league matches and I believe they could benefit from Novara problems.

WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +1.43
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