Poland - Iceland

Asian Handicap
Pick: home -1.25
Odds: 2.06
Stake: 1

Match date: 08/06/2021

Last friendly of the Polish national team this afternoon in Poznan against the Icelandic national team. If we see the progress since Pauolo Sousa coaches the Poles, he has only won one victory in four matches played by beating only the weak rivals of Andorra. Unlike the first friendly played a few days ago in Wroclaw against the Russian national team where Sousa has played almost all players who had played less, tonight against Iceland will play the best formation. The Icelandic coach after the victory in the Faroe Islands last week left the owners at home to let the players of the national team under play to let them gain experience while the owners will return to the field only in September for the World Cup qualifiers. I think Poland will win this match with a goal difference given the young Icelanders' formation.

LOST Score: 2:2 Profit: -1
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