Under / Over
Pick: Over 3.25
Odds: 1.93
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/07/2021

Hometeam PIF was last season newcomer in this level after promoting from league kolmonen and their season was succeed with 4th place in group B.Their squad have not been changed much so their good start of this season is not big suprise.Their last season best scorer attacker Gecim Voca have scored already 5 goals in 6 games and one of hottest scorer right now in this group.PIF not miss any important player/s.

Awayteam Ilves/2 have been sofar biggest mystery in this group.Last season their position was 2nd end of the season in this group.They are rockbottom place in group B with stats 0-2-4/goals:7-13 and thats is something that nobody expected before this season.Their last 2 games have been full of happenings when they first draw away against HJS(2-2) and last round loss at home against Honka akatemia(2-4).Last season in Ilves/2 games goals average was over 3 goals/game.

There is plenty of potential in Ilves/2 and im 100% sure that they come to improved and safe their place in league kakkonen.Ilves/2 have made way too much easy errors this season like in game against Honka akatemia and because they have much more firepower what they have showed sofar i expected goals here.

WIN Score: 6:0 Profit: +0.93
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