Peru vs Paraguay

Asian Handicap
Pick: Peru +0.25
Odds: 1.781
Stake: 1

Match date: 02/07/2021

Alarms sounding in Paraguay

His best player by far, who is Miguel Almiron, the Newcastle midfielder who handles all the strings of the Paraguayan team and whose speed is unmatched, will not be from the game.

He is the last player who would have wanted to lose DT Berizzo

Oscar Romero will enter, at another time it would have been dangerous, today he is more than a substitute in San Lorenzo and they do not resemble Almiron at all

Peru comes to my understanding in a better way.

He only lost to Brazil

Then triumphs against Colombia and Venezuela and a draw against Ecuador that deserved to be a victory but they gave away a time and had to play the second half with a 0-2 down, even so, they almost won it.

They have no casualties.

Gareca already knows what it is to play final instances of the American Cup. In fact the last one took him to Peru to the final.

Paraguay had a very weak version in the last match against Uruguay

The quotas should be even Paraguay with Almiron, now, more value for the Inca team

HALF WIN Score: 3:3 Profit: +0.39
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