Perth Glory-Ulsan

AFC Champions League
Under / Over
Pick: Over 2.5
Odds: 1.7
Stake: 1

Match date: 24/11/2020
Perth Gloy after bad start and losing against Shangai Shanhua 1-2 ,they were so bad ,that i didnt see long time team like that,for me they dont deserve to be at Qatar,they are so poor,but they got nothing to lose,they have match against strong Ulsan ,Ulsan won first match 3-1 to Shanghai Shenhua,this will be an open match,Perth got some good attackers and will played open,Ulsan can use that on counter attack,for me this is clear bet,and i expect mininum 3 goala,this tournament at Qatar are good for goals,and there is no WAR judges dont use it,thats good."
WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +0.7
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